From Julie

I have fond memories of my Uncle Brian. When my brother and I were children, I remember his visits home were anticipated with awe. Our talented Uncle who lived all the way over in America. I wasn’t sure what Uncle Brian actually did, other than it was important and involved books and writing. He had a certain air or presence surrounding him when he came home. It was relaxed, but there was also something else. At the time I wouldn’t have known how to describe it, but I think now I would describe it as a presence of a dignified gentleman. I also suspect I was picking up on all that brain power, intelligence and energy that was zapping around in a man who was making a difference. Little did I know at the time what my uncle actually did. But I must have known it was important. He would also send us the most amazing Christmas gifts as children, a Walkman, and a G-Shock watch among them, along with other items from his travels abroad. They were always very exciting gifts to receive as a child from the country in Koromatua, NZ. I recall we use to have placemats on the table which were pictures of significant American landmarks where my Uncle had been. So every evening we’d always have a piece of Uncle Brian with us. So many places he had been. Uncle Brian always made the effort to come home and I was so grateful when Carol and Uncle Brian attended our Wedding in 2010. Such a long way to come and for such a special day, for which I am forever grateful. I think, like what most people express, I wish I had the pleasure of Uncle Brian’s company more often. Thank you for being such an inspiring Uncle and showing us what can be achieved when we put our minds to it. Love your niece Julie and Nick Ware