From Dr. Michele Kelley

I knew Brian from Chicago, where at UIC he was very supportive and helpful to me as I wrote my first federal grant. He had an amazing career and built a lasting research infrastructure at UIC that many faculty, staff and students continue to benefit from. I remember him fondly recalling New Zealand. Having friends there myself, I had the trip of a life time touring the north and south islands, even visiting a sheep farm (hard work, but rewarding). I recall Brian smiling when I told him I decided to do the bungy jump and had no hesitancy jumping. We joked about risk taking, serious adrenalin experiences, and of course I studied all of the safety and injury info prior to the jump as a good public health professional would do. Brian was generous and enjoyed mentoring for sure. I can see why the Mountain West appealed to him. I just relocated to the SLC area of Utah myself and the beauty is breathtaking. I am glad he got to enjoy family and the bountiful nature in Idaho- he deserved that. I am re-reading one of his book chapters now and his contributions continue with his wife Carol, his colleagues, and his mentees. It is great to be remembered across the country. Rest in peace and power dear Brian, knowing that part of your life here continues through your family and your legacy. Thank you for everything.

Dr. Michele Kelley; Salt Lake County, Utah