From Coral

Brian & I were brought up on the family farm at Pokuru 8 miles west of Te Awamutu

His junior years of schooling was at the Pokuru primary school. He then went to Te Awamutu intermediate school for 2 years. Which was a brand-new school. Followed by going to Te Awamutu College for his senior years.

During the school holidays we would be helping round up the sheep and their lambs for docking which meant drafting them to separate the lambs from their mothers with commotion and bleating from them. We then had fun catching the lambs for their tail removal. Holding them so Dad could cut the tails off then putting on the ground while they cried in pain then to see them run away. This was a time we both loved doing. Also, we helped in the shearing shed sweeping away the dirty parts of wool and had the pleasure of hopping into the wool pack to tramp the wool down. The farm was a sheep and dairy which when the Sharemilker went on holiday, we had the pleasure of helping dad with the milking and also helping feed the pigs. Mum and Dad had a holiday batch at Whangmata. Which was a 3-hour drive from Te Awamutu over a very windy road for the last hour to get to the beach. So many a great time was spent there in the some of the school holidays. We also went on caravan trips around the country. We were made to right a diary of those trips which I have kept mine and Brian’s all these years.

Brian in his late teens was driving a Volkswagen which went off the road turning upside down in a hedge. Luckily, he survived the ordeal.

After completing his school years Brian announced to Mum & Dad, he has applied to go on Volunteer Service Abroad with 2 of his mates being Brian Jackson and Ian Swan

The two Brian’s went to Sarawak Borneo helping to build rooms and barns etc. They enjoyed the year. Ian Swan went to Samoa.

After that the two Brian’s chose to go to University in Christchurch to study engineering.

Refer to Chris Lee’s notes for the rest of the story.

After an OE in the Uk he returned home to NZ and came to live for 6 months with Terry and I on our 50 acre property. He was a great help to Terry with fencing, pulling up a deep well bore which was our water supply needed leather washes replaced on the pipes at the bottom of the well.

We were looking after a friend’s horse called Goldy an ex-hunt horse which Brian loved to ride. We were rounding up the stock for drenching and one of the beasts broke free and what happened next was the horse turned to chase the beast with Brian hanging on for his life. The beast jumped the fence into the next paddock. So, Brian and Goldy came to a grinding halt. After the 6 months he had chosen to go to the USA and that’s where he stayed.

We, Trevor and I went to the USA for a month’s holiday and also very much enjoyed Carol and Brian’s wedding. We have also enjoyed great times here in NZ when they came to visit.

Sadly Brian & Carol had big plans 3 years ago to return to NZ watch the Americas cup racing which is being sailed here at present.